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Acrylic lace overlay is made of acrylic additive, aggregate, portland cement and our Sunwest proprietary bonder. Lace is the name given to the type of texture pictured here. Our proprietary additive and powders are mixed in 5 gallon buckets until achieving a milky consistency. The liquid mix is then sprayed directly into any clean concrete surface. Once the material sets, it creates a durable, beautiful, textured, non skid surface for pool decks, patios, walkways and any desired concrete surface. Entire process typically takes 2-3 days. ADVANTAGES: Lace can be easily repaired. It is among the most affordable concrete coatings available. Lifetime: 10-15 years. It is available in many colors. It is cooler on bare feet than pavers, concrete, travertine or tiles. It is skid resistant. It is versatile and multi colors can produce an elegant unique pool deck. SPECIFICATIONS: Thickness: 1/8" ; Compression Strength: 6200 p.s.i (twice the strength of typical concrete).

Cool Pool Deck ( Sq. Ft price)

$10.00 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
  • Step 1: Preparing the surface. In most cases the surface can be pressure washed to make it ready for the Cool Deck installation. The surrounding area is also protected with plastic sheeting and paper.If the surface, such as an old coating, is too loose; the preparation step will need to include GRINDING the surface. Grinding is sold seperately. See main products Menu to purchase Grinding.

    Step 2: The base or scratch coat is installed over the clean surface.This step is essential to achieve an even and consistent finish.

    Step 3: The final texture coat is installed over the base coat.This step is achieved using a hopper gun. The texture should be void of lumps.

    Step 4: The top coat or paint coat is installed over the texture coat.

  • We guarantee our products from any defects. We offer one of the best warranties in the business. No questions asked three year warranty.

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