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DESCRIPTION:Southwest Seal is a clear, solvent-based acrylic sealer that dries a glossy finish. Southwest Seal can be rolled or sprayed. If desired, Non Skid Grip can be added to this sealer.We do not recommend sealer over pool decks since sealers tend to make the surface slippery when wet.

Southwest Sealer ( Sq. Ft price)

  • Step 1: Preparing the surface. In most cases the surface can be pressure washed to make it ready for the the sealer installation. The surrounding area is also protected with plastic sheeting and paper.If the surface, such as an old coating, is too loose. The preparation step will need to include GRINDING the surface and reapplying a new acrylic coating.


  • We guarantee our products from any defects. We offer one of the best warranties in the business. No questions asked three year warranty.

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